How 21 Days Can Change Your Life

This is where my journey began, with one health and fitness challenge group. ¬†Joining the group meant committing to 21 days of following a workout plan of my choice and drinking a nutrient dense shake. Each of us chose whatever workout would best help us achieve our goals and shake that would best please our taste buds. For me, that meant T25 and a combination of Cafe Latte, Chocolate and Vanilla shakes. As far as the workout goes, I chose T25 because like many of you I’m sure, a 25 minute workout is about all of the time I can squeeze in these days. The company describes it as “an hour workout in 25 minutes.” They aren’t joking! It’s been awesome–hard work, but awesome. As for the shake, I’m obsessed. God, is it delicious. It’s not a weight-loss shake or a protein shake, which is what a lot of people assume. It’s a shake that is filled with the nutrients and superfoods that your body needs to function at it’s best ability. My husband has even started getting his own vegan shakes and loves them too. It’s like we’d seen the light and the light is a shake.

Every day during the challenge our we would check in with each other, share what we’d accomplished and what we’d struggled with. We worked to become better versions of ourselves, both physically and mentally. Each week we took photos of our progress, measurements of our body and got on the scale. The emphasis of the group was more about how you felt than what those numbers read, but heck, when those numbers started coming down, I was ecstatic! At the end of our three weeks, I had lost 7 pounds and 6 1/2 inches. I feel the best that I’ve felt in a really long time. That was just the beginning though for me! I intended on reclaiming this new mama body and making it as strong and healthy as I can. That can’t happen in three short weeks, but I know now that it wasn’t far off!

Now I’ll tell you, about three years ago I did Insanity with my husband and my brother. But truth be told, we didn’t follow the program to a t. We didn’t drink the shakes or get through all of the weeks of exercises. What a difference that makes! So if you’re sitting here reading this thinking, “oh I’ve done those programs,” and you didn’t truly DO them or you didn’t go through the challenge group, then you don’t know. These things were created by people who have spent years and years mastering how to sculpt a body. They know what they’re doing. So if you want to give it a real shot then send me an email at We can do this thing together!

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